As an Interior Designer, and owner of the Grand Rapids Michigan based design studio - The Home Studio ( for over a decade, Marian LaFrance-Silverman has always said, “Decorative Custom Pillows are the jewelry that completes the outfit.” 

Fabric has always been Marian's passion starting with making her own clothes at age 11. She’s an artist, an interior decorator, and has even created beautiful stained glass windows and lamps. Despite the other interests she was always drawn back to fabrics. "Fabrics bring the interest and depth in to a room with color and overall design."

With that Marian convinced her son Brian to join her in creating Pillows by Dezign to offer the local Michigan design community and N. America the opportunity to decorate affordably with custom designer fabric pillows. You will find our high standards, dedication, design uniqueness, and integrity shows in the quality of our pillows. ALL our pillows are made in Grand Rapids Michigan.

We know you will LOVE our custom pillows....


Pillows by Dezign LLC makes designing gorgeous decorative pillows fun and easy, not to mention more affordable. Our White Glove service is different than the traditional process you’re used to when working with high-end designer fabrics.

Our process takes the purchasing of the fabric and sourcing of an upholsterer off your shoulders. We simply buy the fabric, fabricate the pillows, and supply the inserts for one price, a true “one stop shop.” Visit the FABRICS PAGE and see a list of the best designer fabrics in the industry that are available to you right now, making the possibilities endless.