Duralee Fabric Throw Pillows

Duralee creates core values of value-driven ingenuity and cutting-edge products while maintaining personalized customer service not often offered by competitors, Duralee has become a household name in the world of interiors.  The Duralee product line maintains a captivating persona that is constantly evolving.  With the establishment of its own design studio in New York’s Chelsea district, Duralee has grown to include proprietary patterns with a fresh and fun, yet chic design aesthetic, and in 1999, trimmings were introduced as a complement to the expanding fabric collections.

Recognizing the talents of their design clientele, Duralee has aligned themselves with budding and established designers to create a series of licensed collections. When choosing to work with a designer, Duralee does so not necessarily for their name, but for their ability to reinforce the Duralee design style with fabrics that are punctuated with their individuality.  The Duralee Designers range from the bold Thomas Paul and expressive Eileen Kathryn Boyd to Clodagh, the industry’s first designer residential collection of earth-friendly textiles for the home. Pillows by Dezign stands by Duralee and their products, they have outstanding customer service and allow us to offer our pillows at an affordable price.