We would love the opportunity to work with you and make your jobs MUCH easier, and with less hoops to jump through! Simply fill out the form below and someone will call you to introduce themselves and answer any questions about the "too good to be true service."

Our process takes the purchasing of the fabric and finding an upholsterer off your shoulders. We simply buy the fabric you choose for the pillows, fabricate your pillows, and supply the inserts for one price...a true “one stop shop.” Visit the FABRICS PAGE and see the list of the designer fabrics we have relationships with. ALL these Designer fabrics are available to you right now, making the possibilities endless for you and your clients.

Saving money and time is easy using our service! Right now, the upholsterers you hire have nothing invested in fabric, they just want enough fabric to get the job completed. Naturally, they’ll advise you to purchase more fabric than needed to “safely” get the job done. Our service quotes you based on how much fabric is actually needed to make your pillows. We DO NOT make a profit off the fabric whatsoever. We pay NET pricing plus the shipping just as you would. However much the fabric costs us to make your pillows (with the repeats figured to the inch) is what you’re paying for.

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